Fiona the Hippo Showing Off her Speed and Sass

Fiona Hippo and Mom

Fiona Showing Off her Speed and Sass

Hippos can easily outrun most humans. They have been clocked at 19mph over short distances.


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Supporters reacted to Fiona Hippo and Mom

Joy Romero Tillman I'm afraid if I lived closer I would be at the zoo constantly just to watch Fiona. I cannot get enough of her. She always makes me smile. Even on days like today when I'm sad. Seeing her makes me smile. Thank you for sharing her with the world.

Debbie Bratton Love Fiona Hippo and MomThis is so funny. We love watching Fiona hoping to get there to see her sometime. Do they have a current weight of Fiona's mom she is so large compared to Fiona and I thought Fiona was getting big.

Carol Cahoon Cute, but very disappointed that Fiona was not out the day I visited the Cinci zoo. And I do understand that some animals can’t be on display all the time. But I don’t understand it when roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the displays at your zoo were empty all at the same time.

Ann Millin I simply adore Fiona. She makes me so homesick for the Cincinnati Zoo! When I was a student at HUC up on Clifton, I could hear the lions roar from my dorm window on summer nights. The Zoo was my very favorite place to walk and relax year 'round. The animals and plants were a delight. I used to spend lots of time watching the gorgeous great apes and my favorite, the bonobos, but now were I to visit, I might have to neglect them for Fiona! Thanks for the updates and the videos our our girl–they often make my day

Michele Williams Henry left a beautiful legacy and I'm so grateful to you for sharing these clips & photos so often. There are 3 groups/sites I cannot live without: 
-Esther the Wonder Pig 
-The Lone Star Dog Ranch 

Victoria McIntire I'm so happy that Fiona and Bibi can be together and that Fiona had the opportunity to become acquainted with Dear Old Henry. 
I hope that their companionship helps to ease the loss of Henry.

Lauren Esposito So nice to see Fiona running and playing with mom Bibi, after having been so sick as a premature newborn.

Jim Webb Cincinnati Zoo…you know what would be great?? A Fiona cam outside!! Even if it was only on certain days for certain times. You know everyone would love it!!!! Just think about it 

Theresa Norris Oh my they are so happy to get outside on a 60 degree day. Wish I were there! They make me smile! I love their spunk

Joan Colbert Miss Sassy girl can move it when she needs to! Bibi may be a single mum now that Henry's gone but she keeps her youngun in line!

Liana Carbón Don't know if there was sound… would love to hear any noises that our beautiful Miss Fiona makes. Just got my calendar, and I LOVE the photos! Ordered the book Fiona's Feelings and another one of drawings done by school kids of Miss Fiona, but have to wait till April to get them . Thinking of ordering the sweatshirt too, though it's never that cold in San Diego… If I lived in Cinci I would have already tried the beer too!! Totally besotted with this little gal!!

Beth Porter Dear Team Fiona – Love Fiona Hippo and Mom, What a great clip of Bibi and Fiona! Just curious, but as far as you know, is there any reliable footage of wild hippo moms cavorting so lovingly with their young? Thanks as ever from one of your fans across the sea! 

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