Fiona getting a boost from her Mom Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona getting a boost from her Mom



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Fiona the hippo kisses

fiona the hippo kisses

Fiona the hippo kisses

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Fans reacted:

Liz Sapp To me it is so interesting that Hippo's mouths are so very big that they can be frightening . Yet here we see an example of the tenderness they can show . They are very interesting animals. Love you .

Mary Humecke Thank you, thank you, thank you! So thrilled to have seen Fiona and Bibi this afternoon. Checked my phone and have never been so happy to see a 50 degree temperature in my life! Love this little hippo girl.

Adele Robertson Awwww…so glad she's a surviver…so glad she and momma picked up where they left off. Best success story of the decade. Love the Cincy Zoo and the professionals that made this happen!

Mary Miller Is there a visitor indoor viewing area during the cold months? I remember years ago the hippos had an indoor area in the elephant house …

Tishi Traylor-Jones Such a darling pair. Fiona is so amazing and has a wonderful mother. Such a sad thing with Henry not being there with them.

Jim Bastian Deb here: I love my girls. Thank you for sharing this picture. Fiona and Bibi always make my day better.

Nichol Davis Wojcik Seriously the BEST thing about 2017!!!! I love seeing posts about Fiona & her mom!!

Lily Lottes Fiona may be a Media Darlin and Diva but Mommy Bibi makes sure to keep her girl grounded.

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