Fiona and Bibi Enjoying Their Heated Outdoor Pool

Fiona Hippo and Bibi Enjoying Their Heated Outdoor Pool

Temperatures need to hit 50 degrees for them to be outside.

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Premature Baby Hippo Takes First Steps – Cincinnati Zoo


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Our fans reacted to Fiona Hippo and Bibi Enjoying Their Heated Outdoor Pool

Tricia Wells Jones What do they do in the fall/winter months?? Is there an indoor large pool?

Erica J Kosinski It is amazing that Fiona has no fear of her 3000 lb mama! What a wonderful bond.

Ann Beardslee Love to watch them play. Fiona is a character and Bibi'

Ann Beardslee I love to watch Fiona play, she is a real character and Bibi is such a good mom.

Lily Lottes So glad they had each other to help Bibi with the loss of her beau Henry. Bibi and Fiona are quite the pair.

Renee Conklin Someone asked me the other day. Who's Fiona you're always talking about. I was like, What! She's a miracle that defeated all odds, has an awesome personality, adorable characteristics and a growing hippo who is loved by many. Someday I'm going to see her in person, but for now I'll love her from afar.

Cathy Roglitz Isn't she something special? I can only imagine what Santa will be bringing her after her exciting year! We got a special gift….Fifi! Perhaps Santa will bring her keepers and all those who cared for her for those precarious months….they already have one very special gift…. Fifi!

Donna Criswell Mollaun I've scouted baby hippos since Fiona. They're all cute, but Fiona is just exceptionally adorable. Is it because of her fine preemie care? Maybe she became more of a ham as a result? She looks healthier than other baby hippos too.

Barbara Hamilton Very cute . She always reminds me me of the song from years back when the young girl says all she wants for Christmas is a hippopotamus , only a hippopotamus will do.!

Sandy Moore-Austing Ms Fiona cant come out under 50degrees. She has to stay warm Hope she is not too bummed out these last couple days has been pretty cold I love ms Fiona.

Anita Roy Gordon that little baby girl is so photogenic! She is happy and full of life! I love her smile. Makes my heart smile right along with her.

Jen Hileman She is a ham… got to see her Thanksgiving weekend and as she and Bibi went by, she totally scoped the crowd!

Trish Moberley Thank you so much for sharing with us during the winter. I need to Fiona fix daily.

Patti Litsey Would love to see a pic of them sleeping. Seems Fiona is always on the go.

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