Fifth Woman Accuses Senate Candidate Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct

An Alabama woman accused Roy S. Moore on Monday of sexually assaulting her when she was 16, the fifth and most brutal charge leveled against the Republican Senate candidate. Senate Republicans are now openly discussing not seating him or expelling him if he wins the Dec. 12 special election.

“I tried fighting him off, while yelling at him to stop, but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head onto his crotch,” Ms. Nelson said, growing emotional as she described the assault, which she said happened one night after her shift ended at a local restaurant, where she was a waitress.

She said that Mr. Moore warned her that “no one will believe you” if she told anyone about the encounter in his car.

“It’s drip by drip, cut by cut,” said Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the state’s senior lawmaker. “It doesn’t look good.”

Fifth Woman Accuses Senate Candidate Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct

Roy S. Moore

Beverly Young Nelson is the fifth woman to accuse the Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct.

Viewers reacted:

Sue One might think this is a brave step for McConnell but this has to do more with his power struggle with Bannon. The real question is why does he not believe the many women who accuse Donald Trump of harassment?

Rebecca Maine  In defense of Senator McConnell (I can't believe I'm writing that) — yes, he may only really care about the Senate seat, and really want Moore to step aside, but he has gone out on a limb here; because Moore shows no signs of stepping down, and a write-in candidate is likely to split the Republican vote and hand the election to Doug Jones (who isn't getting enough attention in the press; his story should be told, NYT.)

NYCtoMalibu Malibu While it's important to get rid of Moore any way we can, it's also important to recognize the impetus behind McConnell's statement. These two awful men loathe each other, and siding with the women accusers is a convenient way to purge the Senate of the alt-right so that McConnell and his equally awful cronies can get on with the business of lining their pockets with donor cash.
It was the right choice for the wrong reason.

Joe NYC As a Republican, the issue goes beyond whether Roy Moore will win the election, or whether he would be a party rebel once elected. These two issues are more Mitch McConnell's concerns than mine.
From my perspective, it is important we give Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt, especially when such accusations arise suddenly, and after many years. He has proclaimed his innocence.
He, like every one of us, is innocent under the law until proven guilty. Mere suspicion of guilt is not the standard we live by, thankfully.

JBK Bow I yield to no one in the extent to which I find Roy Moore grotesque, and certainly he cannot qualify as a decent human being. Then again, we elected as the President a man who boasted to Howard Stern of inviting himself into the dressing rooms at the Miss Teenage America pageant, there to spy on undressed teenage girls. Trump's creepy sexuality was apparently okay for McConnell, but not Moore's. In any event, why wasn't Moore deemed disqualified once he took the position that law-abiding Muslims were not fit to serve in Congress? The question which goes unanswered is why Republicans have no boundaries when it comes to simple decency.

Dutchiris Berkeley  Steve Bannon is still trying to wield power in government affairs. Now he is trying to dig up dirt to discredit the women who say Moore molested them when they were adolescent girls. He seems to have some hidden agenda for sabotaging this administration in the guise of helping it. The most troubling aspect of his maneuvering is that his hunger for power, whether in support of Trump or against him, is never to the advantage of our country. His agenda seems like as much a threat as any Russian meddling.

ND san Diego  I'm conflicted because I feel that I should be glad that Republicans "appear" to be defending women. The war Republicans continually wage against women (reproductive rights, wage equality, etc., etc.) make me extremely skeptical that this is nothing more than their realization from the recent Democratic wins that women and minorities can affect elections. If McConnel "believes the women" in Roy Moore's case, why doesn't he "believe the women" in Trump's case?

PS Vancouver  Look, I am no fan of Moore or the GOP – in fact, I find Moore more than objectionable. But how is he able to defend himself of accusations dating back decades. It's far too easy to bandy about accusations – where is the evidence? Not for a minute am I casting doubt on the women's stories – I have no reason to doubt them. But I also have no reason to believe them. And the very same applies to Moore. Surely, there is something to be said about due process – these are serious accusations and deserve more than mob justice.

William Only one woman has accused Roy Moore of a criminal offense—sexual abuse of a minor under age 16. The other three women say Moore dated them or asked them for dates when he was in his thirties and they were teenagers above the age of consent. These other allegations provide a reason to vote against Moore, not a reason to disqualify him as a candidate or expel him from the Senate if he is elected. 

Alabama’s statute of limitations does not apply to the sexual abuse of minors under age 16. So, Leigh Corfman, the woman who alleges Moore sexually abused her when she was 14, can still file a complaint. Alabama could indict Moore if it decides the allegation are true even if Corfman doesn’t want to file a complaint. Since the allegations are unproven, they provide a reason to vote against Moore, but not to disqualify him from office or to expel him from the Senate if he is elected. 

Setting a precedent of expelling senators based on allegations rather than convictions is a dangerous precedent. Members of Senate or far more likely to believe allegations are true when they are lodge against members of the other party.

Chris Boehme Arden
Mitch McConnell going public with a call for Roy Moore to drop out of the race is a telling sign that Moore winning is worse for Republicans than losing a senate seat. So The Moore AL race is a win for Democrats regardless of who wins.

The response of “if the allegations are true” by many Republicans is a losing one. Four women, unknown to each other, on the record by name, with 30 supporting sources, is highly persuasive. And Moore’s interview with Sean Hannity is damning. The idea that this is a conspiracy against Moore by Democrats, establishment Republicans, and liberal media fake news is risible. The idea that Moore will reveal exculpatory evidence is unbelievable in the extreme. The “why didn’t they come forward sooner” reaction elides the fact that these women were sought out by investigative reporters. And now a 5th accuser. 

Moore has threatened to sue the WaPo and one can only hope that he does so that he can further discredit himself in court.

Shar Atlanta
I agree that these are allegations, and that our system – thankfully – requires due process and the assumption of innocence.

However, those protections are for people who are brought before the judicial system. Moore is being brought before the voters, and there is no time for adequate investigation and a trial.

Moore is entitled to all the protections of the law, but he is not entitled to run for a six-year Senatorial term while credible disqualifying accusations are presented against him.These women, now five strong, are unknown to each other but they describe very similar predatory behavior by Moore. They are also supported by 30 independent witnesses.

Moore has made his name on flagrant disregard for the law, putting himself above the law at will. I personally find the evidence of 35 people who have no previous ties, no past history of law breaking and no personal benefit from speaking out to be more persuasive than the unfounded denials and counter accusations of a man who has proudly shown contempt for the law and for people he considers beneath him.

The women of Alabama, and more broadly of America, deserve better than to have 6 years of policies that will strongly influence their lives made by a man who is at best deeply compromised and at worst a perverse predator.

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