Fan Puts Together Hilariously Sad Lowlight Tape From The Cleveland Browns Season

The Cleveland Browns just became only the second team to ever go 0-16 in NFL history Sunday.

With such few highlights, a lowlight video was more appropriate – and that’s just what one fan made to celebrate the epically awful year.

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If video does not work, click HERE to watch.

Viewers reacted:

Scott Conant How do the Browns even have any fans?? Throwing a ball at a wall for 3 hours straight would be more entertaining than watching one of their games. People just must think they are cool for liking the shittiest team ever is all I can think of…

Mark Bayko Die hard Steeler fan here……..but if hell ever freezes over and the Browns win a Super Bowl, 90% of the country will be happy for them……myself included.

Deiondré Harold A Lions fan was talking about how bad his team is. I told him that I'm a Brown's fan. He gave me a hug and apologized to me. I struggle sleeping at night.

Nicholas Eve-Kerchey Kind of fitting that the Video was a huge let down because it got blocked. If that doesn't sum up their season perfectly nothing will.

Tanner Hickson One day, in my opinion, the browns one day will buckle down, get right draft picks, a coach, free agents, etc. the trolling would some how stop, because they would be THE TEAM to beat. Time when this will happen? Seems like never for browns fans…….

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