Evening April 11th Update – Animal Aventure Park Update & Live Cam

Evening Update on April the Giraffe

April 11th Evening Update

April's condition remains the same: happy, big and beautiful. She enjoyed extended yard time today in the warm weather and sun.

This evening's photo is from our exclusive content library accessible to Labor Text Alert subscribers. Oliver and April have both been enjoying their new enrichment gift.

We do apologize for changes in routine schedule and tardiness of posts. Now being in construction mode, preparing the park for open team members are working extended hours while encountering many daily variables. We will continue to do our best to keep you updated and informed on this giraffe journey.
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An open letter to Animal Adventure Park:

You had the idea one day to put a camera up so people could watch a giraffe give birth. You never thought it would turn into this.
Maybe a hundred people or so would tune in and see. Instead, you were told the live feed was explicit and they made you stop. You never thought it would turn into this.
You got the camera back up and suddenly there were thousands of people tuning in to see the giraffe. You never thought it would turn into this.
Your staff graciously began giving updates and treats so the world could watch. You update daily and night and deal with phone calls and emails by the hundreds. You never thought it would turn into this.
People began questioning your routines and animal care. They even questioned whether the giraffe was even pregnant. Your site has been hacked, copied illegally, and inundated with naysayers. You never thought it would turn into this.
You amped up your team to help accommodate the viewers. You've increased your workforce and kept the world informed through days of disappointment because she hasn't given birth yet. You never thought it would turn into this..
You brainstormed and decided selling t-shirts, plush toys, and artwork would make the viewers happy. The items have sold out over and over. You never thought it would turn into this.
People have called you scammers because you created a text alert for a small fee in order to keep the viewers informed. Others have gladly paid the small fee to stay in the loop. Your text alerts weren't without glitches. Your camera goes dark sometimes or starts to buffer. The masses panic and thus, the emails come by the hundreds. You never thought it would turn into this.
Two months have passed since that first camera was announced. You have brought people together from around the world. They watch the live feed and chat to each other about the upcoming birth. They chat with your staff that give their time and all the same questions a million times. You answer them over and over again. You never thought it would come to this. 
Your one simple act of putting in that camera has changed the lives of young and old alike. Cancer patients watch from their hospital beds. Classrooms have made it part of their lessons. News stations have interviewed your staff and some have even questioned whether there is a baby. You never thought it would turn into this.
You have raised enough money and awareness to help with the conservation of giraffes. We've learned what wax caps are, how old giraffes live, and mostly how sweet they can be. You've educated the world. You've brought joy. You've broken up the day for the lonely, sick, dying, and sad. You've made the world a little nicer place to be all because you put a camera up for the world to see. You never thought it would turn into this…..but we're glad it did.
Thank you for bringing your world to ours.

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