Evening Update on Alf the giraffe at Brights Zoo Today August 6th

Alf Alert Today

Good evening Alf fans, Keeper Maggie once again bringing you the scoop on our silly boy. Apparently tonight Alf got lazy after his bottle and thought I'd make a good head rest.

ALF clip:

Luckily I'm just the right height for him, for now. Speaking of Alfs head, you may notice that his ossicones are really starting to develop. For those not sure what ossicones are they are those little bumps on top of Alfs head. Right now they're small but when he gets older they'll be much larger and very hard because they are made of bone.

evening update on alf the giraffe

Alf the giraffe

As he grows, so do they. Giraffes use ossicones for defense and fighting, but for now Alf just uses them to help make him look adorable.

The hair coating his ossicones are tufted and help him win all of you over to be Alf fans 😊 I think it's working. Thanks to all of you for supporting Alf and I, and to those who made #teamalf cup purchases Thank you for supporting the Giraffe Conservation Foundation!! #teamalf

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Supporters react:
Brenda Rising So tall and handsome! Will ALF be staying at Brights Zoo or will he move onto another zoo. I am not sure how it works but I know you all have to be careful who they breed with. I know, I am thinking way ahead. Alf just wants to be silly for now!

Bonnie S. Townsend Love this picture, love the bond between you and Alf. Thanks so much for the updates on him, and his silliness. lol I do have a question. Where do I go to purchase one of this cups? Thanks

Evelin Lindsay OMG, that is the sweetest picture. Keep on eating, little man and those ossicones will stand straight up real soon. Thanks for the update, Maggie. No wonder, Alf loves you so much. You are a beautiful young lady. Have a great weekend and thank you for all you do.

Pam Kelly I love seeing this guys unique personality. When it is time for him to leave Brights Zoo he will leave with the well wishes of thousands of people. I am curious about the age that he will wean due to being bottle fed. Is there any kind of timeline for that? So thankful that he is thriving and I do hope that we will know where he goes so that we can continue to follow him

Harold Robinette Nice Pictures keeping us updated, thank you, for the updates and taking care of the critters. We are 150 miles away and pass up Knoxville Zoo to come back by our home place, in Hawkins Co. You have such a nice clean place.


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