Evening Update on Ava Patch 25/10

Evening Update on Ava Patch 

From Jordan & Colleen

”Ava gets a GOLD STAR for today! 

An early morning MRI indicated minimal cerebral fluid build up in the brain/head and the drain is functioning quite well. 

She has readily accepted all fluids and this evening enjoyed a "normal" ketogenic dinner.

She is comfortable, and has continued to hand out high fives and gave very sweet hug to Colleen.  

We could not be happier with progress and recovery. We've sat through the opposite of this with prior surgery, and are relieved to be on the positive side. Keep those prayers and good vibes coming. 

Supportes react to evening update on Ava Path

Ruth Kuhlmann Ava is going through something we as parents may never experience. Colleen and Jordan…please take time for you!

Lin nurse ryan Ryan Happy happy happy happy!!!! Jordan and Colleen get some rest!!! Prayers abound … candles lit x4 Jordan. Colleen. Ava and the Medical Team!!!!!! God Bless!

Carol Bowen Praise our wonderful Lord for such fabulous progress. Continued prayers for this precious angel. #avastrong

Crystal Jones Such great news! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the update. Gods bless you all.

Anna Akins So happy for all of you. Will continue to pray that Ava continues to make great strides. God is good and praying that he continues to bless this family.

Jean Buttz I am so grateful to hear the good news. With so many prayers being offered for Ava and your family, I am not surprised with the positive news. We will all continue to pray for all of you.

Andrea Cerra My daughter was on the Ketogenic diet 20 years ago through Johns Hopkins – amazing What an outstanding family 
Sending lots of love and prayers. You all are truly blessed

Cheron Fisher So so pleased & relieved to hear that the most beautiful,precious Ava is recovering well.

Our thoughts,prayers & abscent healing continue to be said & sent from the uk to you the whole AWESOME PATCH FAMILY

we can only imagine what a hugely stressfull & worrying time this is for you all & we thank you for sharing Avas progress with the world,because thanks to the AWESOME JORDAN & his giraffe cam which introduced all of AAP including Ava to the world she now has countless supporters & fans wordwide who care about her greatly & appreciate hearing updates about her along with photos so from the uk & the world THANK YOU FOR SHARING AVAS PROGRESS & JOURNEY.the patch family including Ava are all strong fighters & very special people LOVE TO YOU ALL xxxxx

Joanie Kahoun Spurio Oh that is so good to hear. May God wrap his loving arms around all of you to give you strength and courage as you go through this. Ava…you got this!! Continued prayers and positive energy being sent that each day improves. Sending love.

Mary Behrens This is wonderful news and just goes to show the power of prayer. The doctors, nurses and all involved are a gift from God. Try to get some rest Jordan and Colleen.

Please continue to support the Park and Prayers for little Ava


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