Full Interview with Eric Trump and Kellyanne Conway – Watters’ World – Oct 28, 2017

Eric Trump and Kellyanne Conway on Watters World

On "Watters' World," Eric Trump gave his take on the new revelations about who funded the anti-Donald J. Trump dossier

Viewers reacted to Eric Trump and Kellyanne Conway on Watters World

Mark Jones His brother meets a Russian lawyer, no info exchanged and it’s “treason.” Clinton and the DNC pays millions for a fake dossier and it’s “opposition research.” The double standards of the left never cease to amaze me. Regardless, I’m glad Trump is our POTUS, and the frivolous democrats won’t be in power again for a very long time God willing.

Randy Lee Everybody knows now that Clinton and Podesta was behind this.
They simply thought Hillary would win and they could continue to cover their tracks.

Mueller got played by Team Hillary and all of her backers and now he looks like the fool.

Of course they can not say they knew about it. They would incriminate their selves.

The swamp is a Calderón right now

Steve Yeager Her husband lost $2.3 billion from his defense dept, Rumsfeld talked about it on 9/10/01. The NEXT day the two places records were stored were destroyed by airplane crashes…….Pentagon and bldg 7 WTC

How appropriate considering Halloween is upon us.

Jeanne Shillingburg Bean I agree 100%! I would like to know, when it became ok for certain people in America, to break the law over and over, and it's ok. President Trump is keeping his promises, amd they just keep tearing him down. Very unfair!

Michael Lunt I'd just like to see a cruel ending to the problem see who needs a pat on the butt the nut doctors would be cashing in on that one

David Pelletier I'm sick of this whole family of proven liarsGet rid of them they laughed about you long enough.Every boby in the world is laughing at the usa and your president.This is a total joke!

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