Episode 4 of The Fiona Show-Fiona begins reaching new milestones

Episode 4 of The Fiona Show-Fiona begins reaching new milestones


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Fans react to Episode 4 of The Fiona Show

Lynn Morgado Still has that baby face of hers .. Look forward to the updates and now the Episodes .. Can say enough about her caregivers .. for they are the ones who have made it possible for us to get updates on Fiona and her parents. God Bless.

Eileen Nosky Oh boy! 
I live in Omaha, NE.. When is the best time to come too this zoo? Do you allow just a few people at a time to see the hippo family? I would like to get a group of us to see this hippo family, and the rest of the zoo

Teresa Claxton I live near Springfield MO where Henry ,Fiona's daddy used to live. Ive seen him and this is wonderful to be able to see his daughter and watch her grow and thrive.

Kerry Keck "Embracing being a real hippo"

Patricia J. Lane When she looks at you (pic or in-person) it's almost like she KNOWS you already love her. She's got it good!

Kathy Vaske That's our girl! She has really been blessed to have such a great care group to help her grow & be really strong.

Marianne Airey To all the people who take care of little Fiona, thank you!! She brings JOY to more people than you will ever know!

Arlene Shadrach-Tackett Love this! Thank you for all your hard work with Fiona!

Kristin Webster I really believe she is posing in her pictures,she knows! Love her.

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