Eittsburgh Zoo Baby Elephant Update: Baby Elephant Recovery

Eittsburgh Zoo Baby Elephant Update

After a procedure in which a feeding tube was inserted, our baby elephant is up and walking around. She is also taking time to rest, which is important for her recovery.

She has received several feedings via her feeding tube and her GI tract is operating normally. We are very thankful for all of the wonderful wishes everyone has sent her way and we hope these positive thoughts and messages keep coming as the baby recovers.

Supporters react:

Barb Smilo Glover Keep us posted! Can you share a picture? Will she be returned to her mother?? Elephants are very sensitive to depression if you separate families

Karen Wille Thanks so much to the very dedicated and caring elephant staff at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium for helping this sweet little Baby Ele get back on her feet. You are doing a wonderful job. Prayers for Baby Ele that she continues to get stronger each day.

Jean Styron Trisha Mae. Read the history! Mom was a rescue herself and lives at the sanctuary with a small herd. Baby was premature and mom rejected her and did not produce milk. Without the zoo helping, she would have died. Baby has been gradually introduced to this herd and was starting to socialize nicely. She has 24 hour care and a lot of attention. No it isn't ideal, but much better than being abandoned by the mother and left to die.

Alison Babin That is such great news! Huge thank you yo the elephant team and vet team, and everyone involved in caring for this sweet baby 

Rita Bartuska Thank you for taking care of our sweet baby girl! You're doing such a great job with her. Thank you! May God heap blessings upon you for all you have done and continue to do! Thanks

Donna Hudson Great job, Dr. Ginger and team and Willie and team! Prayers for her healing, strength and growth continue

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