Edgewood Maryland Shooting Latest Update

 Edgewood Maryland Shooting

DEVELOPING: Multiple injuries reported from shooting at business park in Edgewood, Maryland, police say.

Breaking News: Three people were killed and two others were in critical condition after a "targeted attack" at a Maryland office park on Wednesday, officials said. The suspect was still on the loose.

edgewood maryland shooting 

Major William Davis giving update on Emmorton Business Park shooting

Viewrers react to  Edgewood Maryland Shooting

Richard Chapkis Until we have rational gun control laws, we will continue to have routine mass shootings. Gun violence can be curbed, as other countries have shown. However, even when lunatics kill second graders, or toddlers routinely shoot their parents, America does not have the will to stop the violence.

Mary Sullivan Meade Gun lovers panic when you say “control”. They prefer massacre to controlling their weapons of mass destruction or any other weapons. Let’s try some “control” and find out if it helps!

Ellie Ames We live in a country that most would rather watch their neighbors mother die by gunshot instead of any type of control on how many and what type of weapons are in people's hands. Just sad

Cindy Cotton Johnson And lets start blaming the gun NOW!!! 3, 2, 1, GO!!! I own several guns and carry one everywhere I go but I have yet to kill anyone! I dont plan on ever having to use it but if anyone wants to threaten my life or take my possessions, then yeppers, I will use it!

Jeff Johnson Jr. One exit up from me on 95. Local agencies, state and county police on scene. Looking for the guy now. Heard cops flying all around. Supposedly workplace argument turned bad.

Charlie Lanham Reading these comments makes me sick. We don't even know the situation yet and you all want to bring up gun control. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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