Eagles Fans Are Already Starting Fires In The Streets Of Philadelphia

Pray for the city of Philadelphia tonight.

Eagles fans are excited, drunk and having been waiting for this moment for 13 years after defeating the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game, 38-7.

Viewers reacted:

Stevie Johnson Easy now we know what happened in 2004

Francisco Palma Hope they all burn

Nick Neel No more the Eagles haven't played anyone legitimate

No more Nick Foles can't get it done

No more The Eagles will be one and done

Fly Eagles Fly, next up Tom Brady and the Patriots
Superbowl bound!

William Blackburn Safe to say eagles win today proves Carson Wentz isn't that good , deffintly not an MVP, just a system QB on a good team.

Brian Elliott Even though I don't have a horse in this race this is why I would prefer that the Patriots win. Sure their fan base is cocky but at least it comes from winning and not from drinking


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