Eagles Fan Knocks Friend Unconscious After Slamming Him Through Table Onto Pavement

The Bills are out of the 2018 NFL Playoffs, but Eagles fans are carrying on their spirit.

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Paul Kuharsky gave updates to the events via his Twitter-

Viewers reacted

Mitch Parker What the hell is with slamming people through tables? Especially Bills fans smashing their girlfriends through tables. Nothing says "having a good time at a football game" like broken ribs/vertebrae

Jesse James At least he won't be awake to see the Eagles' season finale today. That fan did his friend a favor if you'd ask me. That's a REAL friend right there.

Rudy Hanson The Bills fans are the only people who should be attempting this. You develop a certain pain threshold after watching your team lose the Super Bowl 4 years in a row.

Benjamin Wing Really? Can't take a bump, misplaced his body on the table, didn't land flat, didn't tuck his chin. Half the chicks in Buffalo can show you idiots how it's done.

Joe DelCore Dident pour a beer on him to insta wake him up, also this dude was gunna end up unconscious either way

Louie LV Watkins When will people realize only Bills Mafia can execute the perfect "throw your drunk ass friend through the table trick"

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