Eagles Fan Gets Caught Crying About Wentz Injury Jokes After Making Romo Injury Jokes Himself

Joking about a player’s injuries is a line most don’t like to cross, but if done with no mal intent, it can be still be funny – of course for anyone except the fans of that injured player.

One Eagles fan found that out the hard way when Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL Sunday.

That fan was seen crying about a joke made about Wentz’s injury, which proved hypocritical considering the Romo injury joke he posted to the same Instagram account previously.

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Viewers reacted:

Manny Muriel Remember Donovan McNabb? That QB who helped make the Eagles relevant for the first time in decades? Remember they booed him when he was drafted? Then they cheered for him when helped them to NFC Games? Then when he started declining, they cheered when he got injured and then was booed out of Philadelphia? Same thing will happen to Wentz when he starts declining!

Nate Wru I think theirs a difference (in general not with this specifically) is joking about how often romo was hurt not about him being hurt but as long as the injury isn’t serious I think there’s a light side to be found no matter what. Iv seen some funny wentz memes I’m sure even he’d chuckle at. He’s hurt it sucks and no one has a time machine to fix it we are where we are

Tim Decker I'm surely devastated by his injury and the implications on our season. Its fucking hilarious when someone makes a meme. If you take it personally more than 10 minutes after it happens maybe its time to step back and not watch the game. Butt hurt Eagles fans are like Dallas fans that proclaim 5 rings to try and win an argument. Theyre losers and deserve each other.

Pedro Jaco   I’m an Eagles fan and yeah it sucks what happened but it’s football. I’m not jumping of a bridge calling it the end of world! SB talk was a little to much and I didn’t expect us to make it even with wentz but we did do a lot better and let’s see what happens in the next 4 or 5 years



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