Live Now: President Donald Trump Visits Las Vegas Update

Donald Trump Visits Las Vegas Update

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump land in Las Vegas ahead of their visit where they plan to meet with the victims, first responders and doctors caught up in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump speak in Las Vegas following their meeting with first responders and civilian heroes of Sunday night's mass shooting

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Viewers react to Donald Trump Visits Las Vegas Update

Sally Geyer I love this President and First Lady. I see there are still those who cannot accept the outcome of the election.

Alex Sonnenfeldt Everyone zoom in on her high heels. Super important under these conditions people comment on her heels as much as possible.

Emily Riley He's going to throw paper towels at them. "Here. Dry your tears. Keep them over your eyes while we skirt around and do nothing about it

Tammie Carney Wow . See tell hate it will never stop . This is why these killings happen. .hate with hate .. he is there for the victims not u . Sit down shut up if u can't keep ur hate to yourself

Lynn N Barb Riley This is the last person on the face of this earth that I would want in my hospital room – throwing paper towels at people who went through a hurricane and have nothing. What will he throw at the injured in the hospital – boxes of bandages?

Clif Daniel I hope he doesnt try to make a speech other than saying that there isnt much to be said other than to pray for the grieving. I think its too soon , but unfortunately the media will damn him if he does and damn him if he doesnt.

Michael Frasure Oh I bet they can’t wait to talk to him. Maybe he’s gonna explain to them and us where Vegas is at and what it looks like.
I’m sure it won’t take him long to embarrass himself and the country once again.

Tina D Knezha OMG…He shook hands with the Sheriff and Mayor Carolyn Goodman was right next to him and had her hand out to shake it and he completely did everything but shake her hand, he gently pushed his wife towards Mayor Carolyn Goodman and they shook hands!!!! I rewind to see if that's what I was really seeing. The Mayor tried one more time. Shocked!

Jack Schill Now he will lie, pat himself on the back and say isn't it wonderful that more didn't die and ignore gun controld completely. Nor will he label the killer a terrorist.

Debbie Harford His lack or intelligence, empathy, sympathy, and class…will undoubtedly be on full display for the world to see someone who us cold, heartless, ignorant, cluelesd UNHINGED, and an embarrassment to America.

Mark Nevin ·Deplorable from NY The President is working very hard for our country Despite what the left and dishonest media says

Holly Carter This man and his lovely wife are having to do damage control from the last administration….who gave funds to fuel this horrific event in Las Vegas …disagree ..who decad


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