Trump speaks on embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore

Pres. Donald J. Trump speaks on embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore ahead of his departure for West Palm Beach, Florida, where he'll spend Thanksgiving

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Viewers reacted:

Theresa Grimznaiee ·Marilyn it doesn't even matters anymore if the allegations are true. You want to give people the benefit, but At this point evangelicals said "even if it's true they will still vote for him. That's more important. Sick & disgusting people.

Barbie Roberts ·Proof? You think these teenage girls recorded this while it was happening? That is why he got by with this all these years. He knew there was no "proof"!

Gina Mazyck ·Moore was stopped at the Mall , YMCA and today found out the high schools cheerleaders , from a Former Police Chief ..

Cindy McGee Omg, is it me or is there more crap since the dump truck arrived in Washington. I never remember so much with our other Respected Presidents

Chantal Garcia We literally have no leadership worthy of respecting. We're a joke to the world. This man is not qualified to run a country. "I think it's good" "it's good for women". Dude?? Do you even "presidential speak"?? Tf?

John Dalco Funny how they didn't come forward until he was clearly going to win the elections. Dems play dirty and false accusations are nothing to them. Either prove it or let it go. Innocent until proven is our law.


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