Full Speech: Donald Trump Tax Reform Proposal and Plans 2017

Donald Trump Tax Reform Proposal and Plans 2017

President Donald J. Trump speaks to truck drivers about tax reform and the opportunities his plan will bring them

Supporter react to Donald Trump Tax Reform Proposal and Plans 2017

Paula Smith Shaw ·My husband is a trucker and we can barely meet our obligations. Please do all you can Mr. President to help the working middle class of America!

Shad Elliott How can anyone have a problem with this guy?? I honestly don’t understand, until of course I tune into CBS and hear their lies and fake news…then I understand where the problem is

Cindy Blain ·The truckers should get a lot more respect then they do.They work so hard and have to be away from their families to get the products families need.They definitely need to make more money.

Sheila V V Jennie You have accomplished so much already Mr. President and know you won't stop until all your promises come true. We still have the Faith it will happen.

Gina Todd ·Why are you people so stupid and hateful? If you don't like our president, move to another country!! N Korea or something.

Debbie Lounsbury Schrader ·Our President is not only trying to drain the swamp in Washington but he is also calling out the NFL & Hollywood! God bless you & your family Mr.. President

Stacey Land My husband is a truck driver who does not get the Respect or pay he deserves. He doesn't even get health insurance!! Thank you for thinking about my hard working husband Mr President. I so appreciate it.

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Arnold Ryder · People who put down our President are making life worse for Themselves ! He is trying to make things better for all of us !

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