President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks on tax reform in St. Charles, Missouri.

Donald Trump Tax Reform 2017

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks on tax reform in St. Charles, Missouri.

While discussing tax cuts, President Donald J. Trump brought up welfare reform because "the person who is not working at all and has no intention of working at all is making more money and doing better" than Americans working several jobs


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Viewers reacted to Donald Trump Tax Reform 2017:

Kimberly Silva 55% of people on food stamps already work full time. That’s not including the number of people who work part time, the elderly or disabled. 7 out of the top 10 states who have the most people on welfare are red states. It’s a myth most people who are on welfare don’t work. Most already do, they just need public assistance to make ends meet. They need help with things like groceries every month.

My dad and brother are both disabled and unable to work, they need help being taken care of. I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands more people like them. States like Texas force those who apply for benefits to search for jobs or they won’t be eligible, the system is strict.

If they implemented that rule to every state it would get many able bodied people jobs. Yes, there are people who abuse the system and I hope they get caught but it doesn’t change the fact that many people on it truly need the help.

Faith TheBarber Scheetz Nothing irritates me more than how I work two jobs and kill myself to provide for three kids and see people on welfare complain about how hard life is for them.

Steve Hernandez  It’s great to have a President that is PRO American finally! Watch Obama! This is how you operate a GREAT Nation 

Teri Layton Mantle Thank you Mr. President for putting up with all the hatred. You are a fabulous President, not a polished crook like the rest.

Bar Klein  Our country is so messed up THIS POTUS will get rid of all the corrupt politicians and clean the Swamp!

Gustavo Salmon  I love our President someone who really understands how money work and what it does when managed properly. Can't wait to vote for him again.

Debbie Moore Love all the angry trolls. You're just jealous because our president is doing a great job. Our economy is doing awesome.

Kay Garvey We haven't had a President in 8 years that loved America and truly had our best interest at heart. Now we have one.

Tammy Wicks-Gale Jealous Canadian here. It must be great to have someone who stands up for the working class of their country. Instead we have Trudeau the ISIS sympathizer and globalist sellout.

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