President Donald J. Trump gives remarks at the Utah State Capitol

Donald Trump speech

President Donald J. Trump gives remarks at the Utah State Capitol to announce that he is scaling back two sprawling national monuments 

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Supporters reacted to Donald Trump speech


Glenda Brock Andrus Love our President… we need to pray for him that God helps him lead this country in the Biblical fashion he is trying to . I'm soo thankful the Nativity is back in the White House and Merry Christmas .

Butch Walden  Merry Christmas!!! America is moving forward NO STOPPING KEEP UP THE FIGHT. RIGHT!

Mauricio Vilchez Midence · We need him for eight years to complete his job and then Ivanka for the next 4 years to be the first women president. God bless and protect them from evil. It feel so good to be an American.

Susan Henopp Cornell ·Thank You Fox for sharing these wonderful actions,,,, None of the other news medias will share them, and when they do, it's got some kind of negative connotations added to them. MAGA!

Amanda Kalchik  I love that we have a real president. One that does not apologize for being American and stands for the United States.

Phill Wilson It restores my faith in person-kind to read all these words of support and kindness to our President. God bless each and every one of you.

Brenda Bennett Logue ·Thank God he is not a politician! We are sick and tired of politicians!! All they are about is POWER and money for themselves!!! No more politicans!

Jacki Elson Cook · The libs hate the market exploding because people who actually work and saved are NOW feeling the rewards. Their Occupy lazy a**es don’t give a flip. Got no darn dog in the flippin race!

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