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Join us for this week’s REAL news update — we’re praying for Texas, talking tax cuts, & taking a glimpse into the President’s historic trip to Asia.

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Laurie Martin Shouldn't you be talking about indictments and cover-ups and collusion and how Mike Flynn is now looking at being indicted what the hell have you done to this country

Jason Fowler It's a shame all of California sexual miscreants want to blame you for problems you haven't even had time to create. Obama and Clinton have been connected to Bohemian Grove….It's all backfiring on them. just Faith is your shield.

Michael L Espinosa Your prayers and thoughts are old, also it’s ridiculous you want to vet people coming into this country, but not those buying guns. You state is mental illness, which is a crock of crap, because their are women with mental illness but they’re not doing mass shootings? Your full of crap

Dave Trussell You can't just put out your own version of news and call it 'real.' That's legitimately what propaganda is for.

David Lozier Why the hell is eveything this guy does labeled as HISTORIC? Every president in the last 20 years has been tosome where in asia… This just in, trump takes a historic 20 minute pee break( trump supporters would say he pissed better than everyone else

Dee Sullivan Dems keep harping on the "Estate Tax" and how that only benefits the very rich….As usual they have forgotten about small business, about farms….most of our once enormous family farms have been lost BECAUSE of estate taxes…. or the family run hardware stores, markets, etc….all of that is gone because of estate taxes and replaced by chains which are the ones feeding the very rich's coffers….. You need to wake up DC…. and remember the people you are sworn to serve, not just the party you belong to.

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