Donald Trump Real News With Lara Trump

Donald Trump Real News With Lara Trump


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Angela Dean Hudson Awesome. Watched the whole thing. It was broken in pieces so it could be completely understood. Great job!! I love my potus

Tammie Kacor ·Heard Alex Jones say that there was a clause in states that have legal medical marijuanna that they have the right to take your guns….some clause.. It was a way to get your guns.

Don Ibrahim · If you are an American citizen insulting other American citizen shame on you.. I call for all my fellow patriots Americans brothers and sisters it's time for us to Unite and stand together with our different back grounds religions,skin, etc that what makes us Great

Andrew James Christiansen ·Question, why did my conservative president light a fake tree? Yet Liberal new york slaughters a 150 ft monster every year?

Gerald Warner The what some states do is if the Fed gives a tax break the state raises the state tax.

Summer Willey Please find dirt on Moonbeam Brown Pelosi Schumer and all those cronies

Phyllis Johnson King Thank you Mr.President for being the best President America has had since Ronald Reagan- you have never failed on one promise yet! Your word stands firm

Ana Faria Lower corporate taxes save jobs. A lot of big businesses have been closing all over the country. Pay attention.

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