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Donald Trump Real News Facebook

In moments of tragedy and horror, America comes together as ONE. Please join us in praying for Las Vegas, and continuing to support our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

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Supporters react to Donald Trump Real News Facebook:

Tom Kratochvil Can’t wait for the Oscars and Emmy’s coming up. Hopefully, Meryl Streep et al will be guaranteeing to the nation that Hollywood will no longer show weapons of any kind in their movies and TV programs.

No cop shows, no military shows, no dramas with guns, no spy shows, no post-apocalyptic vampire shows with guns, No guns ever seen. Let Hollywood immediately “take action,” immediately “do something.” Of course, guns are their bread and butter, but so what? And, of course, no more violence in any records from rap artists either.

Maybe we can have an MC duet from Colbert and Kimmel about how the entertainment industry is taking charge.

Sybil Dukes Amen Thanks Donald Trump Real News FacebooPresident Donald J. Trump, we need Christ more than ever today. Continue to seek his kingdom and pray for the loss. I will continue to pray for your Grace and Mercy.

Mari Kay Scoggins Hannah When did you figure out that Puerto Rico was part of the US? I bet someone had to tell you. LOL 

Henrietta Platter OMG, I thought I had run across North Korean state sponsored news. Nope, just the Trump propaganda machine doing an American knockoff. When does "Oh, our beautiful leader" song start?

Otto Barrera Here comes the bitter people to attack my sincere prayers. 
They not only want to tell you who to vote for, also who to love and not pray because it bothers their mind. SMH.

Renee McKenzie Holcombe What kind of sickos laugh or make fun or snide remarks to the President of the United States asking our country to come together as one and pray for people in a tragedy! May God have mercy on anyone guilty of such!

Scott Lyons Foxes Shepard Smith is all giddy like a little kid who can't contain their excitement over.."calm before the storm"… I'm sure he's excited in a different kind of way… and Smiths dramatic scenes are more for octogenarians in fear than (men) and (women) who aren't shivering in their Fox studios… what a twit

To Honor the Las Vegas Victims:


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