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 My campaign team is talking about our winning strategy to make America SAFER, STRONGER, and more SECURE.

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Viewers reacted:

David CZ ·Time for the parasite globalists to get locked up and get our money back! Return the power to the sovereign people as per the Constitution for the united states of America!

Joan Gallant Baldwin ·You are our best hope. Praying for your safety, health and strength. Thank you for all you have done and intend to do to make this country great again. God be with you.

Domenec Levan · I believe I heard in the final bill released by the house ways and means, the Obamacare Mandate is GONE!!!!! MAGA!

Det Rose ·Sure wished you could make Calif great again. This so called piece of age bags governor Brown sucks. Your the only hope this country has.

Cynthia Barnes Fanning  Deplorable from Ft Worth Tx here. I appreciate your steadfastness and courage in the face of all the hateful attacks from the left

Tim Mcgurren Fire the hold overs. Time to end the witch hunt. Get that attorney General in gear. He needs to go after the real law breakers.

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