Join us for the first REAL news update of 2018! It’s going to be another BIG year!

Donald Trump Real News 2018



Donald Trump Real News 2018

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 Viewers reacted:

Kyle Smolinski I am disgusted by society for trying to Bully Donald J. Trump. He is a man with a good family that loves this country. In America you can be anything you put your mind and heart to. He did his homework, put in the work, and became POTUS. Everyone responds to adversity different…but I would imagine it would take a pretty stable and intelligent person to overcome those odds. #MAGA Trump, you are doing great!

Issa Davidoff Blessed are the Americans who have such a humanitarian and philanthropic president like Donald Trump. This man is a divine gift at such a time and circumstances. Please appreciate the kindness of so good president. God bless Donald Trump and God bless America!

Anthony Conrod Thank you President Trump. For your continued mental stability. Your genius like brain. Your huge hands and even bigger heart. With your steadfast grace, like a newborn baby deer, we will jail all the media, and kneeling football players, and mean people. 

Dan Kiszkiel Wolfe claims that he wrote things in his book "Fire and Fury" while talking to others at a dinner party-he writes verbatim- sure, like he can remember exactly what was said- this is a book designed to take down Trump with a lot of untruths- wolfe, you need to get an education, get some smarts, anything would be an improvement with you intelligence level

Stanley Hammer Sorry I dont like materialistic gains from a Satan like person.You need to be mentally evaluated. You totally act delusional.You ever play back what you spew and or tweet? YOU LACK HUMAN TYPE QUALITIES.

Linda Burgess My biggest concern and it is a pivotal one is about DACA. These DACA people cannot be granted citizenship. Let them stay but there will be no benefits. We have too many US children living in poverty, veterans, homeless and elderly that need help. Americans first! The Dems want citizenship for votes only!


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