NYT: Trump watches 4-8 hours of TV a day

Donald Trump New York Times

A new story in the New York Times details the President’s daily routine after the paper says they interviewed 60 advisers, associates and friends of President Trump.

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Viewers reacted:

Joe F Hey CNN !  I heard a rumor that President Trump once returned a movie to Blockbuster a day late !
That should give you whiners something to report for the next month.

Linda Potts He'll back out at the last minute, or decide it's personal and he won't release it.

Same as he did with his tax records.

Or how he promised to divest of his businesses, but his lawyers figured a way to keep it.

Trust me, he will weasel his way out of this too.

Carl Strickland Don’t hold your breath about him letting the public know his true health records. Anything negative will not be reported.

Sharif Qatarneh The whole World is tension-rising and protesting against Trump's crazy decisions as we speak, decisions that are giving birth to extremists everyday, while people of USA itself have no clue! All they talk about is Hollywood sick behaviors and Ivanka.. Wake up!!!

Parker M. Waite Soon after the checkup is finished the WH will say that doctors across the country are auditing his report and therefore can not be released to the general public, but they assur us that he is in tip top condition with no brain malfunctions or impending death from stupidity and poor diet.

Danny There is a big diffrence between 4 hours and 8 hours spread out in 24 hour period ,wow CNN sheep are just miserable and CNN just feeds them

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