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CNN’S slogan is CNN, THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS. Everyone knows this is not true…Their slogan should be CNN, THE LEAST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS!

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Donald Trump Real News Update with Lara Trump

 Donald Trump Real News Update

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Sheila Lee Can it be that the same people who chant "lock her up" at Trump Rallies are also chanting "Roy Moore," a man who, openly and defiantly, REFUSED to uphold our laws and had to be removed from office not once, but twice? How can some who claim to hold "obeying laws of the land" a nation's priority and then be so shallow and fickle?

Michael J. Miller I only scroll thru CNN but when I see "most trusted" I just have to chuckle they are the ones that sold their souls to the devil (Soros & Co.) preaching hatred and division.

Oscar Segura Trump supports openly an accused child molester in Alabama. Is that fake news? Is Republican fault to have this con in the White House. Never forget that, people.

Shannon Dale After being called out by Fox News CNN had to "correct" four of their news stories in the past week alone. CNN has retracted or changed more stories than most can count. They have zero credibility. Definitely the premier, fake news network!

Kris Makris Hiller Everything our president said is coming up true !! Give it up already CNN no one believes your Trump bashing comments . Buckle up buttercup he will lead us and protect us for another 7 years at least and then hopefully his daughter will run , I will definitely vote for her !

Floyd Shoemaker If it's vicious and purposeful, then it isn't a mistake – it's a deliberate act. I don't listen to CNN for the same reason I don't drink out of the toilet…

Jessie Burnett I learned you could not trust CNN. Iwatched President Trump boarding a plane. Two soldiers standing at attention beside steps. One soldiers cap has blew off his head, Trump reached down picked the cap up placed it back on the soldiers head. One news media took a picture of this, then here comes CNN and runs the picture in reverse, making it look like Trump pulled the cap OFF his head and threw it on the ground.I learned you cannot even trust their pictures.

Rodrigo Radion President Trump is moving the Nation back to a Constitutional Republic, exposing the media and those who would undermine our country. Don't worry too much about his tweets. he is getting the results he said he would in the Campaign. I forgot to mention: He is slowly draining the swamp(This is a difficult task) I am really glad he has the finest around him(The Marine Generals who commanded men and women in war and in peace)

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