President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump attend a state dinner in South Korea.

Donald Trump Attended a State dinner in South Korea

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Viewers reacted:

Terri Allsup If you hate this man so much, Why Are You Watching? Perhaps you need a life? 8 miserable yrs of obama, i never had time to bash him …He wasn't allowed on my tv!

Denise Tucker God Bless our President and First Lady. For all you liberals out here trolling just drop off because you are showing your ignorance.

Mary Anne Mugler Perez · I would like to see any American go to North Korea are you brace enough if not keep your mouth shut and appreciate your President if you don't like what is being done move to another country.

Susanne Gorman Jody…. suck it up buttercup we had to deal with odummer for 8 years and all he did was try to destroy America steal from the American people and lie his way through those eight years it will be provenAmerica steal from the American people and lie his way through those eight years it will be proven

Connie Torres Parrish  Libs call our President "Orange"' and judge him by the color of his skin. Hmmm…..hypocrite much?

Wilson Burgos God bless our President and our First Lady and the people of South Korea in the name of Jesus!

Robert Keeton · So proud to once again have a strong and dynamic commander and chief, a great leader, and supporter of this great nation

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