Donald J. Trump arrives in Beijing, China, the third stop of the president’s Asia trip

We're live as Pres. Donald J. Trump arrives in Beijing, China, the third stop of the president's Asia trip

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Jeanetta Teater By calling the President Orange Man or anything thing else having to do with Orange you Democrats are doing nothing but embarrassing yourselves and disrespecting our President.

Sanimo IW The 1.5 million jobs created on his watch, the 54 record highs in the stock market, the consumer confidence at a 17 year high, which means higher than President George W. Bush and Barack Obama

Deborah Henderson Menke When one is call a snowflake…that is Not an insult…remember the force behind a is all the Snowflakes combined…ie Halloween storm 1991…stopped Minnesota in its tracks for days…

Pamela A. Rasmussen Whoever's calling those of us who are commenting haters can't handle the truth… I don't think they are haters as much is telling the truth get over it

Greivin Sanchez Please president cant you bring some toys made w really bad materials from China ..?? O no ..!! I forgot we have to many at those ones..

Karett Twin Walk They forcing her to attend these travels .. She's not interested. But she dresses really nice… Not Michelle Obama tho

Caroline Bill It’s amazing how some ppl forget about freedom of speech. Ppl are allowed to say their truth. Whether u like it or not.

Somporn Thongsook Thank You so much l try Watching NEWS From IN Karen state Myawadi City EASY Watching Thank You so much peoples in The world always Please

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