Live Stream: President Donald J. Trump addresses the South Korean National Assembly

President Donald J. Trump addresses the South Korean National Assembly

Pres. Donald J. Trump: "The more successful South Korea becomes, the more decisively you discredit the dark fantasy at the heart of the Kim regime

Pres. Donald J. Trump touts U.S. military capabilities, tells South Korea's National Assembly: "I want peace through strength."

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Viewers reacted :

Sylvio Savidis At least we know that this man says the truth he doesn't lie like Hillary with the lybia and kadafi

Marta Moxley What a great job your doing. Hopefully bringing nations together, Mr President

Jodie Cochran Treadway Watch NAT GEO special on NK… it’s horrendous how these people are enslaved … how they worship the great leader ONLY so they can survive.. children are starving .

La Trixie Taking the bull by the horns! This should have been done years ago! I am standing behind you Mr. President!

Peter Parker If you consider Repubs to be the enemy, then you consider our troops to be the enemy because most of the Repubs I know are veterans.

Lisa Jacobucci Boyle It is sad that people are so blinded by their hatred for this man, that they are not even listening to what he is saying. How childish can you get?

Jim Church Do you think he knows when the Korean Conflict was without looking at his teleprompter. Without it you would see him going OHHH Thats all folks

Coco Henry We are so proud of you, our President — as our outstanding Chief of Staff – an equally outstanding as a man who is a husband, father, grandfather – and excellent friend to America. Best from Texas!

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