Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, November 10th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Friday, November 10th (beginning 8:00pm EST):
· Travel to Da Nang, Vietnam
· Remarks to the APEC CEO Summit 
· Veterans meet and greet 
· Official welcome for APEC leaders and spouses
· Gala dinner and cultural performance

Donald Trumps schedule for Friday November 10thPresident Donald Trump

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Viewers reacted:

Zoey Bergeron I'm an Educated woman and I'll PROUDLY VOTE for President Trump AGAIN in the 2020

Joseph White Donald Trump is an incredible president. You know he is doing well when all liberals can blame him on recently is how much food he's feeding koi fish

Sue L Randall So proud of one of the greatest Presidents since Reagan.
No more apology tours. American pride and strength!!
God bless you President Trump and God Bless America!

Scott M Belovin President Donald J. Trump – I truly hope you can wrangle up those idiot repub senators to move on tax reform! hold off corp tax reduction til 2019? are they nuts? … while your at it, please do something about healthcare costs in this country – ins cos getting rich – we're gettin killed!

Paula Duncan Godspeed. 

Almighty God, King of Kings, be with you. 

All snares and traps formed against you will fail. May the evil plans formulated against you backfire against every single one that plots against you.

By the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

We bind by prayer every evil that rises against you.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and God is with you.

Sharon Swanson Praying for you and all those traveling w/ you to enjoy safe keeping and continued success under Sovereign GOD's almighty hand, in the strong name of JESUS, Amen.

Tony Perez The Honorable President Obama has always been a champion in resolving any issues anywhere anytime , The Honorable president Obamas skill level far surpasses anyone who has been in office ,The Honorable President Obama has been and will always be a champion
The honorable president Obama is a shining example of how a responsible president should be

Mary Lou Deane-Toolan Trump finally going to Viet NAm — oh wait I think he cant step down out of the plane – his bone spur is acting up.

Joyce Johnson Will he be meeting with Mr. Putin before this trip is over? Sadly if he does the Left Lame Stream Media will try to turn it into some sort of collusion. What the Left doesn't acknowledge is all their BS makes it hard for the President to do his job.

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