Democrat Doug Jones just won a US Senate seat

BREAKING: Democrat Doug Jones just won a US Senate seat in deep-red Alabama, defeating Republican Roy Moore. This is the first time in 25 years a Democrat has been elected Senator in Alabama

President Donald J. Trump congratulated Doug Jones for Senate for his victory in the Alabama special election

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Viewers reacted:

Keith Pillsbury Yo sexual predator Moore looks like GOD wasn’t available to help you. U weren’t on your knees enough

Rickie Pierce  Sad day for Alabama because Jones will continue to take Alabamians down the hellish road Obama put us on.

Carla Miller Sledge · You Pledge Nothing you Democratic Puppet‼️ wow what a Disgrace!! The Wong Man won. He doesn’t represent The way Alabama truly is!!!! Sick morals and nothing to say about his agenda!

Kevin David Garcia Crazy Moore still got so many votes after being outed as a child molester! What’s wrong with people?

Geraldine Durkin So proud of the Alabamans who had the courage to do write-ins or vote for Jones. America won tonight!

Patty Wilson I live in the Southwest. And yet I prayed for this win for Doug Jones. Now, I will continue to pray for Trump's impeachment!

Samira Rosita Usa redemption has started . Getting American back to its feets. Thank you Alabama. Roy Moore ride off the horse and walk back home

Bertha Macias Liss It’s hard to believe that it was that close. Where are our moral values? Glad that the decent people outvoted the stupidity that’s out there. Values are more important than the party

Cyndi Elmore HTF did Jones win?? Because certain counties allowed the dead to vote as usual!!! Pathetic. Guess the Dems got what they wanted with the LIES from the old hags..


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