Day 13 Animal Adventure Park Arty

Day 13, both sides of the fence,
Two species at once, only makes sense!

Zebra, their stripes, each unique as snowflakes,
Wild equine, made fast, without brakes!

Wildebeest, one can't spell, without "WILD",
Their temperament crazy, not known to be mild.

Powerful kicks, and horns that can gore,
These are lion fighting beasts, mighty African herbivores!

Fresh snow on the ground, of no major concern,
When novelty wears off, to heated shelter they return!

During New York winters, in the barn each relaxes,
It's the cold they can handle, just not the taxes!

day 13 animal adventure park arty Day 13 Animal Adventure Park Arty

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April the Giraffe Live Cam Today:

Viewers react:

Anna Jo Izzi I used to tune in everyday for the now I can't wait to see where this little guy is everyday. Such a cool idea. Love it

Anita Hegarty Artys eyeing the cougar that chirps and squeaks , He's popped close to the cage to have a good peep,Arty looks full of mischief in his photo today, Play nice now Arty you may become prey, Looking at Lulu he thinks she is cute ,Yet Arty must run to find the next route

MaryLynn Russell Ford I've said it before, but it bears saying again–this is great. Who ever thought an Elf (not on the Shelf) would actually teach us. Your creativeness is great

Mary Ann Kruse Ruebenstahl Several years ago, we had a cougar sunning itself in our back yard. Fish & Wildlife didn't believe us, but they are here in the boonies w/us. Was unaware they didn't roar. So once again, you've taught us something Jordan. Thank you.

Debra Mislin Bors Arty is being cautious and careful on today's Animal Adventure Park's adventure ~~ He knows his limits and safety is first on his list as he wonders where to go on that next exciting adventure  Jordan you have so much amazing keep us all smiling..and make each day brighter than the last

Linda Wolfe Hill Another great adventure with Arty! It’s fun following him each day and also tuning into the great giraffe family. Who ever thought that following an animal park would be such fun and make my day! Be careful Arty! Love you AAP! Have a blessed day! 

Cambrian Johnson Jordan, when you are done my suggestion is to put them all in a holiday book, they are just wonderful..

Cindy McKernan Olsen Pretty cold for Arty this morning! It's 12 degrees out there today!!!! My memories from last year was a post that the hedgehogs were getting a visit from Arty.

Anne Gizzi Jordan. …. You're a man of many talents! And you master them all! Your family is very lucky to have you!
Merry Christmas to you, the Patch family and all of AAP

Christine Atherton They aren't the only ones who can't handle the taxes.Jordan you make me smile.Have a great day all at AAP.


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