Day 12 Animal adventure park arty

Day 12, on a branch, instead of a shelf,
The mission, half completed, for one tired elf!

His friends head to homes, filled with nice girls and boys,
Who play by the rules, that know Elves are NOT toys!

But, No, Not Arty, each year – a return,
Heard among other elves, "When will he learn?"

Kicked, scratched, and even bitten, 
This is where he belongs, right where he's sittin' !

Among the needles and sap of the pine,
"A cat should be here, but I see no sign!"

Cougars, a big cat, that simply can't roar, 
Instead, chirps and squeaks, and the occasional snore.

Nimble, and quick, with a stealthy stalk,
She may not talk the talk, but she sure walks the walk!

With the sunrise, LuLu cougars looms near,
Awaiting the right moment for her to appear!

Day 12 Animal Adventure Park Arty


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Our supporters reacted to Day 12 Animal Adventure Park Arty:

Anita Hegarty Arty seems relaxed near our Georgie boy, I hope Arty realises it is no toy , So no looking back towards the primate, For sure danger lurks sharp teeth await, Stroll out of there take your time slow ,You are needed tomorrow more Adventures to show

Holly Marston Day 1, gave me a scare
I thought Arty, don’t you dare

As days go by, 
I think, if I were you I’d cry 

You don’t flinch 
In any pinch

I tried. Haha. I’ll leave the rhymes to you Jordan.

Kathryn Engel I don't know Jordan… You're going to have to come up with something spectacular to top Arty and his Christmas Safari ! ! ! This is the best 

Debra Mislin Bors Arty you have us on the edge of our seats careful that you don't get mistaken for a toy for we can't wait to see where your next adventure lies Love these rhymes every day..always a sure way to make me..and many others smile  Thank-you Jordan…

Bonnie Fustino Arty ,Georgie Boy is going to teach you he’s the leader of the pack lol.
Serious expression on his face .
It’s as if sometimes, I’m in a jungle book reading about all the characters and then before my very eyes they appear.
What a great experience for some people who’ve never been to AAP
Also for the ones that have to reunite with your beautiful animals.
Arty you’ve made Christmas so much happier for all.

Dawn Hinrichs "You learn something new every day" is sure true with Arty's adventures. This is great Jordon and AAP. Keep em coming and Thank you!!! Look forward to.every day!

Karen Smith As always learn more and more from A AP. And Jordan. Amazing how you get the animals to pose so good for you. He is sure watching. Arty where will you show up next. Thank you for the morning adventures so enjoy them.

Dolly Castle The animals so beautiful, their enclosures spacious and clean, the animals well fed as healthy as can be. It's why Arty the Elf goes around just wanting them to be seen by visitors and cam, people like you and me.

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