Current Update on Southern CA Wildfires 2017

Current Update on Southern CA Wildfires 2017

While some evacuees were told it was safe to return home others are now being forced to flee their homes as 8,500 firefighters battle quickly moving flames around the clock in Southern California.

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Southern California wildfires leave 800 structures in ashes

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Viewers reacted to Current Update on Southern CA Wildfires 2017

Walter Castricone ·Governor Brown slashed the budget for fire prevention to pay for sanctuary cities and other things for illegals it's time for new government in California.

Jeff Zienty Most states regularly do controlled burns to prevent wildfires. California, being California, doesn't allow them.

Jennifer Michelle Perry  Republican here just popping in to say stay safe out there and I'm praying for you all. Very sad to see us so divided politically that we can't even be civil with each other during natural disasters.

Staci Sailors ·CA here…. you people laughing make me sick. Not all of CA is Liberal. I am Conservative. Keep politics out of this and show some HUMANITY.

Jeff Zienty · This is the new normal — due to green laws preventing tinder clearing from public lands. nice going, jerry.

Garry Wilmeth How shallow can you be Mike Mason? California made fun of Texas? You think the entire state of California made fun of Texas during the floods? Are you really that ignorant?

Lynn Freeman-Dyer · I am a Conservative. What is happening here transcends all politics. I don’t wish this horror on anyone. Praying for both man and beast. How devestating and heartbreaking!

Tina Pack ·  I’m appalled at the number of people who seem to think this is funny! These are the hope, dreams, and lives of many going up in flames! It is incredibly sad and frightening!

Sandy Adams ·As if we don't have enough trouble with the unnatural disaster called LIBERALISM, to have this keep happening because they keep putting in place stupid policies that allow this to keep happening…..

Donnie Sue Riley ·Watch Brown beg. PRESIDENT to rebuild his sanctuary city. Then Brown will continue sabatoging this wicked entire state. People get rid of your crooked leaders.

Mike Buendia · Not all republicans are posting smiling faces and stop making this a political thing. We all need to pray for the devastation in CA. Ironically there are quite a few Republicans in Southern CA

Jere Stegall ·You people that are laughing. I don’t know what your problem is. You have innocent people, animals, and firefighters that are in danger right now. Praying for them all.

Jonathan Fox · Wild fires are natural disasters, not political disasters. Can we keep the focus on the safety and well being of those in the path and their lives when the fires subside.

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