Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott brought groceries to a lucky fan Monday

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott brought groceries to a lucky fan Monday

Dak Prescott joined in on a promotion being put on by Albertson’s and Tom Thumb to give one lucky shopper free groceries for the holidays.

That lucky fan was in for a surprise when the Cowboys star quarterback showed up to her house. She surprised him right back with the Green Bay Packers shirt she was wearing.

Viewers reacted:

Myrna Estrada Had the privilege to attend an open practice at The Star earlier this year. When all the superstars went back to the lockers after practice. Only a couple hung around for a few minutes to sign autographs. Only one stayed for about an hour to sign autographs. He went to all four corners of the stadium to get as many kids as he could — Dak Prescott!!! He’s the real deal and all class here.

Simone Elise I’m pretty sure they picked a winner at random…does it say you have to be disadvantaged to enter?? Maybe she just lost her job and is about to be evicted. Or has a disease herself. Because she’s white and can walk around she can’t be down on her luck?

Teresa McCarthy Some of these comments are ridiculous! This was a contest and not based on need! In fact most contests aren’t. I’m not a Cowboys fan but I admire the players that do give back to their community and that does include people in need or ill. Many times they do this without cameras and press involved because they understand the true spirit of giving. It is Christmas time and can’t we all just be happy for the lady?

Leon Ware Jr LMAO!! The lady pulled a real life awkward situation from the NFL commercial with the boyfriend going to dinner at the girlfriend's house wearing the Raiders Christmas sweater with lights on it! And the family is KC Chiefs fans, and the mother leaves the dinner table in disgust! Lol! Classy Dak! I would've turned around and said I'm sorry, we have the wrong house!! Lol! 

Timothy J. Weise I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan. And although this was immensely hilarious, I must give Dak Prescott props. The man is a class act. I've got nothing but much love and mad respect for the man. If any Cowboy could turn me into a fan, it would be Dak!

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