Cowboys Fans Are Taunting Eagles Fans After Carson Wentz Season-Ending Injury

Cowboys Fans Are Taunting Eagles Fans After Carson Wentz Season-Ending Injury


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There’s no love lost between the Dallas Cowboys fans and Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Shortly after the conclusion of today’s Eagles-Rams game in Los Angeles, it was reported that Philadelphia Eagles star QB Carson Wentz, suffered a season-ending ACL injury:

The Philadelphia Eagles are concerned that quarterback Carson Wentz tore his left ACL, sources tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Wentz was seen walking inside the locker room with a heavy black brace on his left knee. He is scheduled to undergo an MRI tomorrow in Philadelphia.

Wentz exited the Eagles’ 43-35 win against Los Angeles Rams late in the third quarter Sunday and was ruled out.He came up limping after absorbing multiple hits on a touchdown run that was negated by a holding penalty. Wentz stayed in the game for the remainder of the drive, which he capped with a fourth-down touchdown throw to Alshon Jeffery that gave the Eagles the lead.

Despite Wentz’s terrible and unfortunate injury, several Cowboys fans took to Twitter to taunt the Eagles and their fanbase because they believe “karma” is catching up to them from the time the Eagles faithful cheered Michael Irvin’s devastating career-ending back injury in 1999.

Fuck that!! Ever since all those eagles fans cheered Micheal Irvin getting injured I cheer for every eagle injury!!

— johnny b (@pyschogurillaz) December 11, 2017

Hey Philly, remember that time you booed Santa Claus? On the same weekend Joel Embiid and Carson Wentz go down with knee injuries. #ChristmasKarma

— Richie Whitt (@richiewhitt) December 11, 2017

Same Eagles fans that cheered Michael Irvin’s career ending injury and Romo’s broken collarbone want sympathy for Carson Wentz, I’ll never cheer for a players injury, but that doesn’t mean I feel bad for his fans

— Pablo Gonzalez (@TheRemedy_50) December 11, 2017

Weren’t Eagles fans the ones who cheered when Michael Irvin was laid out with a concussion? I do feel bad for Wentz, but for those Santa-booing cheesesteaks?

— The Cranky Fan (@TheCrankyFan) December 11, 2017

For the record, I feel bad for Wentz. Never wish an injury upon someone, even if they play for a team I hate. However, I don’t feel bad for Eagles Fans. Considering they cheered and made fun of Tony Romo’s and Michael Irvin’s injuries.

— Valentino (@VSCoutino44) December 11, 2017

Eagles fans cheered when Michael Irvin was carted off the field motionless. They deserve this.

— Brandon Harper (@BrandonHarper85) December 11, 2017

I feel bad for Wentz, but I’m also reminded of the time eagles fans cheered as Michael Irvin lay lifeless on the concrete turf at the vet. #schadenfreude #karma

— dave lane (@oldwaver) December 11, 2017

Anyone remember when Eagles fans cheered after Michael Irvin’s injury in Philly? Or the countless times Eagles fans chirped at Cowboys fans regarding all of Romo’s injuries? Am I supposed to feel sorry?

— John Spyropoulos (@themanspyro) December 11, 2017

All these Eagles fans outraged about people making light of Wentz’s injury are the same people who cheered when Romo went down. #NoSympathy

— Br∞k (@BrookWeber) December 11, 2017

Who else remembers all the Romo memes and jokes on twitter from Philly fans when Tony would get hurt? ‍♂️

— #CowboysDieHard (@CowboysNation7) December 11, 2017

Look, there’s no doubt that Philadelphia has some of the more ruthless sports fans in America, but lets real, their attitude shouldn’t distract us from the fact that Wentz has been nothing but a class act since entering the NFL and instead of ripping Eagles fans, we should feel bad for the QB.

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