Couple Gets Engaged At Animal Adventure Park

Couple Gets Engaged At Animal Adventure Park

Memories are made daily at Animal Adventure;
Make yours today!

Couple Gets Engaged At Animal Adventure ParkHappy Couple

Congratulations to another happy couple.

Fans react:

Michelle Simmons Gray "That's not my usual karat" is what I am imagining April thinking

Candi Andrews This is absolutely Amazing. I watched April from day 1 right up until she had Baby Taj. Congrats to the newly engaged couple and best wishes 

Dana Marie Kent  Can we get a redo? You need Aprils approval. I want to visit April and Taj so badly. Since watching April and Oliver while waiting for Taj arrival I became obsessed. 

This is going to be a memory that lasts a lifetime. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple.

Teresa Kalenowsky Looks as though April is saying "How many CARROTS is in that ring!!!!" Oh my I couldn't resist!!!!! OK now give me my real CARROTS!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the Happy Couple.

Annie Mehew Oh just look at April's face, I swear she understands what is going on. xx Love it., I just hope they remembered her carrot.

Melanie Anson I enjoy seeing April, Tajiri and Oliver they are pretty special but people are taking it too far. Everybody will be proposing here now so they can get in on the bandwagon. There must be a more romantic way to propose.

Jackie Nixon So cool. Im an April watcher. She brought the world together. April is thinking… ok dude & dudess, which part of the world are you from amongst my global clan.

Kay Rau Omg this is TOO precious!! What a wonderful beginning to a lifetime of making memories together. Thank you for sharing it with us and God bless your union!! CONGRATULATIONS

Vicky Hilligoss That's awesome! Congrats to the couple! Thanks for sharing:)Where's the picture? But anyway enjoy your day guys.

Corinne Meier Curtis Our memories were many at AAP… such a wonderfully accessible park for my visually and physically disabled ! Thank you for that 

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