Meet Jordan`s Mom and Corey Dwyer at Animal Adventure Park  

Meet Jordan`s Mom and Corey Dwyer at Animal Adventure Park  

Corey is a down to earth, hard working young man! Corey, his mom and little brother came out with our us for dinner.

He and I had an "interesting" conversation about Oliver, to say the least!  With a little encouragement, Corey told us the amazing and funny story of the morning of April's labor and delivery.

I got to tell him how much his thumbs-up and wave mean to so many people. Oh, and I loved getting to see Corey's famous "ink" of animal tracks and Tajiri! 

Corey`s Family

Corey is the tall one! . His mom is in blue next to him. His little brother is the kid holding up the book.

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Tajiri the Giraffe

Mrs Vickie – Jordan`s Mom

Couple gets engaged at AAP

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April the Giraffe


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Allyssa and Oliver


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