Confused Bills LB Preston Brown Celebrates While Referee Overturns His Touchdown

The Buffalo Bills were looking for to deliver the knockout blow to the Miami Dolphins and thought they did so when linebacker Preston Brown scooped up a fumble and returned it 99-yards for a touchdown.

The play like every scoring play was under review.


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Referees would eventually overturn the TD and while announcing the explanation as to why, Brown continued to celebrate like the touchdown was staying on the board.

Viewers reacted:

John Gonzalez Can you IMAGINE the shit the Bills Mafia are about to pull off now that they're in the playoffs after almost 20 years?

Kyle Lehman Well Bengals fucked it up for us we were on our way to the playoffs and Baltimore is mounting a comeback

Mitchel Thompson I remember when I was playing football in high school, our opponent got called for a PI. I got all upset saying "there's no way that's a pass interference!" Thinking that we were on defense at the time…i felt pretty fuckin stupid

Conrrad Ortega To be honest, what really made this game funny was that while the ref was discussing the review and the penalties, he was trying so hard not to laugh and he was trying so hard to keep a serious face

Peter Santalla Another SHIT Dolphins season! Boycott this team until ownership gives the fans a product worthy of our support!!

Clint Heike Bills will lose next week and they’ll celebrate their “spiritual win” just like this

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