Chris Cuomo interviews Anthony Scaramucci

CNN's Chris Cuomo 

CNN's Chris Cuomo – The president clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, if trump doesn`t show more respect for the truth most american macon collude he is fake president. Wherere is that coming from and what will it`s impact be? CNN's Chris Cuomo, joining us is part of the trump transition team and now and informal adviser to the President, guys like that have the journal next to your hard bold egg, supper excited about candidate trump. I hear what your`re says about the journal because they`ra conservative and republican but the President represents a new brand of republican also represent a different class of people than elected him to the office, more of a corporate sponsor and less than s polulous sponsor.He is the president, these guys should sttle down a lttle bit, go ahead CNN's Chris Cuomo

Let`s talk about where it`s coming fear criticism of what they say but this isn`t about ideology, we think this policy is wrong, this is coming at him for 100 different sources maily because it`s true and they`re proven false at best and intentionally, false too often. CNN's Chris Cuomo,

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I hear what you are saying and sometimes that may be true and the president doesn`t have perfect information but what i see about him working with him closely for nine or ten months and knowing him for 20 years, he has great instincts, 

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