Close Up April and Tajiri the Giraffe

Close Up April and Tajiri the Giraffe


April The Giraffe
April, the Giraffe, 
has been added to the names,
whose success was launched,
through their internet fame.
She's never snapped a selfie,
nor text, tweet, not a one.
April is trending at the highest,
because of her precious baby bump.
The world is sleepless,
and waiting without pause.
A lot of prayers for mom,
and for baby, as it drops.
We love your hay tosses,
and your adorable face.
We love your spots, 
long neck, and majestic grace.
April, I've learned much more,
than I ever could have realized.
Worried though…I'm talking to a Giraffe 
and OBVIOUSLY, need a life!


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