Clip Of The Georgia LB Telling Baker Mayfield To “Humble Yourself”

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield has never been shy of wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

The Heisman winner’s antics have often rubbed fans and opponents the wrong way, and that was on display once again during the Rose Bowl.

After Georgia’s epic victory in double-overtime, Bulldogs LB Davin Bellamy was heard screaming “humble yourself” at Mayfield:


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Viewers reacted:

Tyler Hood Really? He and the Sooners hung 45 on the Dawgs. They didn’t lose because they couldn’t score. Maybe Georgia’s defense should “humble themselves.”

Michael Wellner Yelling “humble yourself “ to a guy Who won the Heisman and every award for an offensive player and put his team in position to win after putting up 41 point and 520 total yards on one of the top if not the best defense in the country……BTW who is this guy lol

Jena Reider It wasn’t just one game Mayfield acted like that,it’s multiple games. I don’t wanna hear his or anyone else’s excuses of he got/gets caught up in the game. I’ve been around football all my life and I’ve never seen anyone act like that. Slashing your throat to the other team,grabbing your junk and cussing at the other team,running through their pregame warmups..etc. he’s done it multiple times. I can see it being that if it’s once,if it’s more than once you have a problem. He had the dui,ran from cops,yelled stuff at them. He hasn’t been punished for anything,he just keeps getting rewarded for his actions. He’s gonna be another Manziel

Anthony Casale Georgia's defense was trash outside of #3 who is a beast….if you're a nobody, on a defense that allowed over 500 yards, don't ever talk to a heisman winner….don't even look at him, you're a scrub

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