Bibi was pregnant with the first ultrasound photos of baby Fiona

One year ago today we made history when we confirmed that Bibi was pregnant with the first ultrasound photos of baby Fiona! Little did we know, she would be arriving in just 15 days (6 weeks premature)!!! Click the link for a look back on this exciting announcement

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“In the early months, the uterus and developing fetus are located dorsally (closer to her spine). Once the fetus increases to a certain size it pushes lower into the abdomen so we are able to visualize it. We can now see the spine and beating heart,” said Wojtusik. “Ultrasound provides a more definitive diagnosis of pregnancy than hormone profiles, which are sometimes misleading, and allows fetal viability assessment.”

Viewers reacted:

Deena Beckman Who knew what was in store?Feeling nostalgic for Henry now, by the way.

Robin Peebles Knapp After waiting 75 years for a hippo calf, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden ends up with probably the most famous hippo ever!!

Kristen Muse You folks have done such a remarkable job! And to think of the privilege of going along with you (through your video diaries) in caring for your animal ambassadors is thrilling!

Jennifer Blessing Thank you Cincinnati Zoo and #TeamFiona for all your hard work and tenacity to keep this adorable miracle alive and well for all the world to enjoy and learn from!

Susie McCoy Chaney What a year! All babies are a gift and bring life changing hope with them, and our sweet Fiona has done that and more. Thank you to all of Fiona's Care Team…you not only made history, you gave this world Miss Fiona and we surely needed her.

Patty Herrmann Welsh What a wonderful Hippo year it’s been! Thank you Fiona, Bibi and Henry for brightening up our days and getting us all to rally around you and the zoo! 

Pam Grandmaison What a year. Thank God for Fiona and all the great people involved in her care. Fiona's story was certainly a high point of 2017

Debbie Scott But look at her today, a nice beautiful baby hippo. I am so glad you guys was there for her. I am so happy for what you all do for her. Thanks again for all the love you have given her and Bibi.

Lisa Collins I love rereading the post about Bibi’s due date, and how the birth and the first few days of life would likely happen for the newborn. God and Fiona had other plans!!!

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