Fiona the Hippo Baby Update: The Scale Read 421 lbs for this chunky chunky hippo

Cincinnati Zoo Fiona Shirt

Yay!!! My neck rolls are getting bigger! Today the scale read 421 lbs for this chunky chunky hippo.

cincinnati zoo fiona shirt

Fiona the Hippo – Today Photo



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Supporters react:

LeighAnn Hopkins Johnston Love her! We saw her Sunday evening and she was putting on a show!

Sharon Tennant You are soooo special even to those of us far away from you, but you have touched so many hearts,

Artum Pazych How I feel when I didn't get my beach body ready and get invited to the beach.

Christa Pinney We plan on driving down this Wednesday to the zoo and see her, along with all the other zoo animals of course.

Colleen O'Connell Smith This is my face every time the doctor announces my weight to me loud enough for the office to hear. 
I feel ya, fiona!

Ashley Oakenshield I wish people celebrated when my neck rolls get bigger. 

Ernie Bourgeois When I was in grad school at University of Cincinnati they used to have operas outside in the zoo during the summer. It was a little amusing to hear Mimi in La Boheme singing how cold it was when the temps were in the 90's in the park. Also, the barking seals and roaring lions added a special element that would have been more appropriate for Aida. Lol!

Rose Levario Please keep posting video's of fiona. I very much look forward to seeing them every day. She always puts a smile on my face especially after a stressful day. Thanks Cincinnati zoo.

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