Cincinnati Zoo Kendi Baby Rhino Latest Update Today

Cincinnati Zoo Baby Rhino

Kendi, like most black rhinos, enjoys a good mud wallow. Rhinos wallow in mud to protect their skin from the sun, to cool off and to ward off parasites.



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Supporters react to Cincinnati Zoo Baby Rhino

Rachel Chappell He is SO cute. I know hippos and rhinos don't really belong as playmates, but how cute would they be together?

Phyllis Carlino So. Darn cute. Having a great time and loving every minute. I'll bet there are a lot of us who would have liked doing that when we were little

Lauren Elizabeth The elephants have always been my fav animals at the zoo but that hippo and this little rhino are stealing my heart 

Tracy Hughes So, maybe we humans should take mud wallows rather than poison ourselves with sunscreen and antibiotics

Kathy Wynne Rossell OMG! Kendi is having a blast in the mud!! He looks like he is loving every minute! Such a boy and such a rhino!

cincinnati zoo baby rhino

Kendi Black Rhino Baby

Lisa Carpenter Well, her shyness about being out is gone !!! I wonder how she likes her bath after the mud bath. What a ham.

Joan Manning Oh my, well I'd much rather be Fiona's keeper.. at least she takes a bath daily in the water not the mud!!!!!

Patty O'Brien Oh Kendi you are a cutie too and I love u but my heart belongs to your Sista from another mother Fiona

Linda West Cogswell He is like any another boy playing in the mud


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