Cincinnati Zoo Baby Hippo Update Today and Video

Cincinnati Zoo Baby Hippo Update Today and Video 

Hippos secrete an oily red liquid, called blood sweat, which acts as a sunscreen, lotion, and even an antiseptic.

fiona hippo updates Fiona the Hippo


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Judy Olson I know it couldn't have been easy for all of you that took care of Fiona when she was first born, but I believe it instilled in her love and trust for people as well as her hippo family. She certainly seems to be filled with confidence! So cute!

Ailsa Thomas Through the eyes of a child, oh yes; look mommy, she waved to me.
Through physics; changing direction to sink from tippy toes.
Through watching; what a darling young hippo, she has mastered communication skills and loves the interaction, favouring the viewing glass regularly.
Through time; Fiona Kisses Kiddies fondly frolicking angelical ballerina with her pink frill rolls, as she tip-toes gracefully.
Through dreams; to visit.

Becky Zavichas She is waving! All of the love and care she had from her human handlers has merged with her hippo instincts to give her personality traits that are so cool!!! She is a one of a kind and I will never get tired of seeing her 

Pat Miller "Hi five back to you Fiona. I love you. You put a smile on my 75 year old face every day…all the way in central Illinois. Thank you. Enjoy your day. I will watch for you tomorrow. Sweet dreams sweetheart."

Sherrie June Foxen Mason Fiona,your just the sweetest ballerina! Your so well balanced and loved! Waving hi back to you and sending you huge hippo hugs from Southern California. Would love to.see you in person some day

Karen Quigley Saw Fiona on the Today show, photo bombing the pictures of a marriage proposal. She was looking at the ring while the man was down on one knee proposing. She wanted to be sure everything was perfect, and it was!

Lily Lottes I love when she imitates her human caretakers and walks around on two legs. She is so adorable. I wonder when she gets full size if she will still do it.


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