Christmas Tree: Kids and cats are why we can’t have trees

Christmas Tree

Kids and cats are why we can't have trees

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Christmas songs

Viewers reacted:

Nicole Longtin I’m legit laughing so hard at my desk

Brooke Mayo My ferret knocked the tree over so many times one year, it ended up killing the tree and we had to buy a new one and redecorate it.

Ashley Rosohac Sorry but I wouldn’t be videoing my toddler pulling the tree on himself. How is that funny? Great parenting.

Veronica Obos I should have been in this video 2 years ago. If only we had a video hahaha

Bertha Kelley 72 years old never in my life seen any thing like this.

Marcia Bloodgood "It was an ugly tree anyways…." "at least it is out of its misery"

Joanne McIntosh Ok they are funny but why do people just stand there video taping while it falls!? Lol!

Olga Hart-Larios Poor cat is gonna get the blame and believe it or not he didn’t do it 

Angel M Simcox The ghost cat knocked over the last tree

Mia Rummel I'm so glad my cats leave my Christmas tree alone. Lol.

Tamara Merando Wire it to the wall especially if you have a cat!

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