Chip and Joanna Texas Forever Shirts Donated to Hurricane Harvey Eelief Efforts

 Chip and Joanna Texas Forever Shirts

 Chip and Joanna Texas Forever Shirts – We announced that 100% of the proceeds from Texas Forever shirts that are purchased between now and September 30th will be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. There has already been an overwhelming response and we couldn’t be more thankful. Please be patient with us as we are working to get each and every shirt out as quickly as possible! Thank you all for jumping in – there’s just something special about coming together to help neighbors in need

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Supporters react to Chip and Joanna Texas Forever Shirts

Audrey Boring Thank you guys for your kind hearts. I would love to buy one, but I need an XS. I hope you add more sizes soon.

Marianna Boyden How awesome! 
I was watching fixer upper repeats today and said to my friend " i bet somehow joanna & chip will jump on this and get involved! " and here you go

Terry Kerr Thank you so much. We look st our house to Harvey yesterday. I am trying led that now all you can see is the roof. I feel blessed by God, because I know that there are many who have lost there home as well. Much love and thanks to you and Chip.

Amanda Keller  Mom! We need to get these shirts

Laurie Sullivan Thank you so much Joanna Gaines and Bless you. My home is dry and I'm feeling very blessed that my family is safe as well although we can't get out of the neighborhood yet. Thank you for all that you do for others.

Wendy Owens Garcia I'll order one. Might I suggest the Salvation Army? Only if you are looking for somewhere to donate. After Ike my house had 2 ft of water. They put a food truck in the park next to my s/d and had breakfast-dinner for anyone that walked up. That included electric companies from out of state helping to restore power.

And they were there for months. My kids loved going in the morning for juice and muffins etc. And the people working it loved talking to my kids. And I loved that they stuck around when things had settled down people were loosing interest.


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