Chiefs Kareem Hunt Clearly Catches TD, Somehow Ruled Incomplete Pass By NFL Rules

We once again have no idea what a catch is.

During the Chiefs matchup against the Chargers on Saturday night, Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt clearly caught an Alex Smith TD pass, only for it to be called on the field as an incomplete pass. That call then stood after a replay that definitively showed Hunt catching the football and maintaining possession even with the ball scraping the ground, which is allowed during the process of a catch.


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Robbie Matson The ball touch the ground and he bobbled it there's been plenty of other touchdowns that were more likely mean touchdowns you can't have the ground help you catch the ball first of all you can't

Jon Wiseman Na the Minnesota call was worse. Thielen caught the ball damn near flat on his back the ball bobbled on his chest slightly due to the impact of hitting his back on the ground, no TD.
But a running back can get the corner of the ball over the goal line in midair have the ball smacked out his hand and it be ruled a TD… dumbest rule in the NFL

Dan Anderson The fact it hit the ground doesn't make it incomplete, so don't hate on those saying it's a catch. The ball never moved when the tip hit the ground, and he maintained control even tho it "turned". There had been @ least 6 identical plays called complete this year. If they had called that a TD… That too would had stood

Joshua Wells The most bullshit call I've ever seen. He had control of the ball when he BARELY touched the ground with it. Ground didn't help him secure the ball or anything. He never went out of bounds either and got up with the ball. I don't see how that couldn't be a catch.

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